We are Committed to Protect the Environment

With our sustainability programs and initiatives, Hoteles Torremayor remains committed to protecting and preserving the vital natural resources of Santiago, Chile.  

Sustainable Tourism

Torremayor Hotels has the Sustainable Tourism Distinction, delineated by the S Seal, that guarantees our hotels meet global criteria of tourist sustainability in the socio-cultural, environmental and economic fields. 

Hotels that have this distinction are highlighted by: 

  • The efforts of the tourist accommodation services that have made progress in any area of sustainability 
  • Characteristics that distinguish them from other hotels that do not share this recognition 
  • Guarantees to tourists of the company's commitment to the pillars of sustainability 

Torremayor Hotels are continually committed to the environment as well as to recycling and sustainability processes. To accomplish this objective, we’ve implemented a series of actions in our facilities and services to work in accordance with environmental and health care goals.

 Supply Policy

Our hotels have a supply policy that: 

  • Prioritizes the purchase of good and materials from producers of local origin 
  • Favors the ecologically sustainable purchase of construction materials, equipment, consumer goods, foods and beverages 
  • Prioritizes good stock control to avoid losses and any deficits that cause serious damage to excess waste 

We also have purchasing policies that favor environmental measures such as prioritization of products packaged in glass, recyclable pencils, use of digital communication channels to avoid printing documents and eco-labeled items. We do not buy products with disposable containers that affect the eco-system. In cleaning supplies, we look for bulk purchases that allow reuse of containers to avoid massive waste. Through our new sustainability policies, we’re also internally promoting the purchase from suppliers that are SMEs. This policy is published on the company's premises with a copy stored in the company's "Sustainability Verifiers" folder.


 Sustainability Policy

We have proposed to contribute, through internal and external actions, a real contribution in the environmental, socio-cultural and economic fields. 

You can review the complete document on our Sustainability Policies at the following link: 

Sustainability Policies


 Tourist Awareness

CSEC: Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Girls, Boys and Adolescents in the context of Travel and Tourism 

According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents (abbreviated as CSEC), in the context of tourism, is “organized trips from within the tourism sector, or from outside the sector, but using their structures and networks, with the fundamental objective that the tourist have sexual relations with residents at the destination.”


 Responsible Tourist Code Of Conduct 

The National Tourism Service, SERNATUR, drafted the responsible tourist code so that visitors to tourist destinations are aware of sustainable attitudes.

 Rate Local Traditions And Customs 

We invite you to read all the points included in each of the recommendations. 

Before traveling, ask about the local customs and traditions of the tourist destination you will visit (customs festivals, ephemeris, anniversaries, among others) so that you can better share, participate and integrate with the community. 

Learn a few words in the native language. This will allow you to establish more meaningful contact with the local community. 

Respect and protect everything that makes a destination a unique and different place. This practice should be applied to areas such as a destination’s history and architecture. In addition, be aware of its cultural and natural values that include religion, music, art and cuisine, among others. For example, ask for consent to take pictures inside churches, national monuments and even within the local community. 


 Support The Local Economy 

Look for local handicraft items and products made at the destination This will allow you to contribute to the development of family, retail and small-scale economies. 

Treat local vendors and artisans with respect and kindness to promote a fair and voluntary business relationship between producers and consumers. 

Do not buy products that are obviously counterfeited or that are prohibited by national or international regulations. 

When it comes to planning tours, always try the established trade to avoid scams and deception. Choose tourist services that are operated by inhabitants of the community or destination. 

Also, find out about products that are legally restricted from entering or leaving the country visited. 


 Respect The Environment   

Buy products that do not require the use of endangered plants or animals for their production. 

Host group outings that save resources such as money and fuel to decrease your carbon footprint. It’s also a good idea to find the most efficient and least polluting way to get around. 

Reduce, reuse and recycle solid waste during your trip. Bring your own water bottle to refill so you can avoid buying products with unnecessary packaging. And don’t accept plastic bags to receive purchases of products that you can transport in another way. 

Reduce your water and electricity consumption in the tourist accommodation establishments you visit. You can accomplish this goal by asking to use your towels and sheets for more than a day. Also, when leaving a room, remember to turn off the lights and air conditioning. 

Be Careful When Visiting Wild, Heritage, Archaeological Or Other Areas That Seem Fragile And / Or Valuable To You 

Try to return the garbage generated on your visit to these areas, including organic waste. Otherwise, it could alter the diet of native wildlife, litter the landscape and affect other visitors’ experiences. 

Choose travel routes that cause the least impact on the landscape, favoring existing roads and trails. Opt for guided tours, thus avoiding accidents and reducing soil erosion and compaction in protected areas. This decision will also support the local economy. 

Do not commit environmental crimes. If you visit a protected area, remember there are regulations to preserve places and species of great ecological value. In many instances, they are in danger of extinction and warrant extra care. 

Do not feed wildlife. 

Respect the signs and indications of existing communities in the area you visit. This will ensure a safer visit for you, your family and the environment. 

Do not remove natural resources, such as fossil stones, snails, plants, flowers or other items, from their original setting. 

Contribute to the maintenance of the infrastructure and equipment present in the protected areas by paying the requested fee and using the facilities appropriately.


 Be An Informed And Respectful Traveler  

Comply with local and national laws as well as all regulations. 

Respect human rights and protect children from exploitation in any of its forms, especially sexual and labor. 

Find out how you can get medical assistance or contact your embassy (for foreign tourists) in an emergency. 

When accessing mountain ranges, stay informed about the meteorological or the variable hydrometeorological conditions. If you make tours to the mountain alone or in a group, inform and leave a record of your visit at the Carabineros, CONAF or another pertinent institution. 

Go to tourist information offices that have official public or private institutional support. In this way, you can obtain objective, updated information, services and activities that comply with the legal provisions of the places you visit. 

Social Responsibility

Charging Points for Electric Vehicles

At Torremayor Hotels, each accommodation offers two charging points for electric vehicles. The project is carried out with Enel. 


Move smart!

For every AWTO, we eliminate 14 vehicles from circulation. Plus, all of our AWTOs offset your carbon footprint. Just download the AWTO app to begin. 

Hurry! Don’t miss this incredible opportunity and tour the city! 

Hotel Torremayor Lyon supports Boot for my Life campaign

Hotel Torremayor Lyon supports Bota por mi Vida campaign

Each hotel features a box where you can throw away all the fax paper, photocopies, ballots or invoices that are collected in our offices. 

By participating in this campaign, we add ten boxes. They’re considered the equivalent to the per-day cost of care for a pregnant woman at Hogar San José or of a newborn at Casa Belén. 

Contribute ecologically to preserve our environment as well as to decrease the volume of landfills. 

Recycle used oil logo of Hotels Torremayor

Why Recycle Used Oil?

Used oil residue is currently one of the main causes of contamination caused by urban wastewater. To address this issue, we encourage the development of technologies for the manufacture of biofuels. They directly offset negative impacts from water pollution while also reducing the risk of clogged sewer pipes and storm drains. 

Rendering is in charge of this recycling. For more information about this company, please visit the link:


Glass Recycling

Our glass is 100% recyclable. After use, it’s then reborn. From used containers, new ones are manufactured. The best part is that they share the same characteristics as the first without affecting the environment. Plus, they generate great energy savings. 

A puppy of a guest at Hotels Torremayor

Inclusive Policy

At Hotel Torremayor, we’ve taken care of every detail for our guests, especially if there is any issue regarding mobility within our facilities. To support guests with disabilities, we’ve implemented the inclusion of assistance dogs in our pet policy. 

Assistance dogs are only accepted for guests with reduced mobility. It’s requested that you inform us before your arrival so that the hotel is prepared to accommodate your stay.  

Late Water

Agua Late is pure solidarity. That’s why it cooperates with the Amigos de Jesús Foundation. 

You can check the Agua Late website and also get information about the Fundación Amigos De Jesús:

Agua Late Website
Fundación Amigos de Jesús


Bicycle Rental

Leave the car in the garage. Ride a bicycle and enjoy the many scenic bike paths winding through Providencia.   

Help Us To Take Care Of The Water And The Environment

You can notify us whenever you’d like new bed sheets and towels. By reusing them, we can save millions of liters of water from chlorine and detergents. 


Experience the construction of a nursery with different species of native flora in El Boldo Park. This project aims to educate the local population and tourists alike in the knowledge and appreciation of native flora. Through direct observation and supervised manipulation of plants in their various stages of development, the public can gain awareness on this important topic. 

For more information, please visit the link:

Fundacion Smartrip


Hogar Italiano logo for Hotels Torremayor

Italian Home

We are a home that has a long history of welcoming members of the Italian community and, with the same spirit, integrates grandparents of Chilean nationality. 

Our goal as a non-profit organization is to create a great family and to support all of our residents to have the well-being and love of a true home. 

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for older adults. With great joy and enthusiasm, we offer the opportunity to share and to meet people of the same age in our residence. Various activities and workshops for all interests are available to explore. 

For more information, please visit the link:

Hogar Italiano

Debra Chile logo for Hotels Torremayor

Debra Foundation

At DEBRA Chile, we provide support, education and medical care from different specialists to all Chilean patients with Epidermolysis Bulosa (EB). It’s a disease better known as "Crystal Skin." We offer a number of resources to help people with this condition. 

To get more information, please visit the DEBRA CHILE link: