About Us

Impeccable service, stylish design and sought-after central locations ensure that each stay at a Hoteles Torremayor hotel is an experience beyond compare. Whether you’ve come to Santiago, Chile for business or leisure, our hotels in the Providencia and Núcleo Los Trapenses districts offer a gateway to the city unlike any other.  

While Hotel Torremayor Lyon, Hotel Torremayor Providencia and Nucleo Mayor Apartments differ in design and style, they are united in their commitment to respecting the economic, socio-cultural and environmental spheres of Santiago.  

At Hoteles Torremayor, we ensure that our operations are as responsible as possible, enhancing our positive impacts (stimulating the local economy while highlighting local culture and communities) and minimizing possible negative impacts (environmental and social).   

Our Mission

To deliver hospitality that is personalized to each guest and respectful of local sustainability standards. 

Our Vision

To be recognized in the market as a premier hotel for delivering an outstanding hospitality experience through the prioritization of quality service and certified tourist sustainability.